Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Did you peak in high school?

The years of high school tends to linger within the American experience. Whether one was a popular student, an outcast, a jock, or an academic it usually left one memories to sort through in their adult life. Unfortunately there are some who have trouble transitioning into their adulthood because they appeared to peak in high school.

Most individuals have the ability to grow beyond their youth. The problem comes when the adult individual cannot see the picture beyond that period of adolescence. It may not be a fault of their own but rather not being taught the skills to look at life’s whole picture. Either the individual refuses to accept the changes or may have the inability to grow due to medical or mental issues.

I bring this topic out of my frustration and lack of patience when I witness an adult who spends time constantly trying to validate themselves to others. The individual may have friends and family who point out the inappropriate behavior. The individual may refuse to accept the information due to mental disorders or life experiences. If the later is the case, an adult can take their life back and move on. If one realizes they are missing knowledge they should educate themselves, go to counseling, and attempt to free themselves from that type of existence.

Life is more than high school.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Taking a Break

This month I will be taking some time from having shows to where I merely just hang out. The shows will be small that go to my iHeart channels. I need to begin to focus, change the course and actually use the benefits of being on iHeart. This is the plan.